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Get to know the team behind Cambridgeshire Money!

When we say get to know us we truly mean that, we aren’t believers in that standard “corporate” about us pages letting you know our favourite biscuits and movies this is more about building trust in who we are and what we do.

Corey Whelan – Director

I’ve spent all of my professional working career in the property industry.

After falling into an Apprenticeship after one year of A Levels I’ve never looked back. I’ve never been satisfied to sit still and be comfortable with where I am and have always had a drive to run my own business as I always felt that I wanted to look after my customers better than what they were being looked after by my previous companies and now thankfully I’m here!

Which is great for me as the day to day is non-stop and I love it. I get to grow my own business, my own personal, support my staff to achieve their goals all whilst helping customers achieve their dream of owning their own property.

Over the years in property and financial services I’ve grown a reputation for never giving up on my customers and doing everything I can relentlessly to get people the mortgage that they deserve and for me there is no better feeling in being able to let a customer know their mortgage has been approved and guide them through the process of getting the keys to their own castle


Personally I like to think I have a good sense of humour and will no doubt attempt to be funny in some of chats which could fall flat on their face! I’m a big fan of sport and as I’ve got older I can now just spend time watching any team in most sports, except Golf. I’ll never watch golf and just in case you are seriously interested, I love a chocolate hob knob and The Matrix Trilogy!

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Liam Riley – Mortgage Advisor

Finance is the industry for me and I'm grateful to be with a team of people who feel like I do, Having the customer at the heart of what they do



I have always worked in customer service but after my first experience of working in Finance I just knew this was the industry for me.


After doing some research to find out what area of Finance I wanted to specialise in, I found that I enjoyed learning about mortgages and how the property sector worked. I began to spend my spare time going through the Mortgage Advice qualification and after passing my first exam I found a role with the UK's largest Building Society to gain some experience while continuing my studies

It didn’t take long from there for me to complete my last 2 exams as being around mortgages all of the time meant I was absorbing everything around me that not only helped me with the exams but also with the knowledge required to help people make their dreams of buying a home a reality.  


Outside of work I enjoy various genres of music and I have been playing bass guitar for over 10 years. I also waste time on video games so I am very into computers and tech and I have been known for my terrible jokes.  


I’m grateful to have the chance now to be part of a growing team and business with Cambridgeshire Money and I'm looking forward to building my own personal brand within Mortgages and Financial Services whilst helping Cambridgeshire Money grow and achieve it's goals

I love that everyone in the team all feel the same as me, they want to support the business and each other whilst having the customer at the heart of everything they do.

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Craig Leigh – Mortgage Advisor

My passion is to see happy customers and I look forward to helping people achieve their home ownership dreams



As cheesy as it may sound and you see it posted on a lot of personal profiles everywhere! I am passionate about helping customers and making them happy and I'll always do as much as possible to achieve this. The obvious goal being to get you your dream home I'll also want to be making you smile along the way with my sense of humour. Some may think mortgages can be boring but I'll be trying to make you think otherwise!


My background is in business management including running my own business for 7 years and I like to think one major factor in the success I had was that I knew the importance of keeping customers informed so that I could always be trusted to make you know where you stand and having that foundation of trust will be the key to our relationship. I don't want to just be your Mortgage Adviser now, I want to be your Mortgage Adviser in the future too.


I personally experienced the value of a Mortgage Adviser a few years ago when buying my first home, I was Self-Employed and was not sure I would get what I needed but I was shocked at how helpful and knowledgeable my advisor was and thankfully I did get the mortgage I needed. 

I will be forever grateful as it enabled me to get the house I really wanted, but not only that it then peaked my interest in Financial Services to see what a Mortgage Adviser could do to change someones life and a rewarding career like that just sounded perfect for me.

I am delighted to have joined Cambridgeshire Money as a Mortgage Advisor and I am very keen on helping to grow a great company with brilliant ethics and vision. I will be aiming to bring great humour and personality to the office, I enjoy all sports but I have a particular love for cricket and spend most summer Saturdays playing for my local club in Huntingdon

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Amy Cory - Protection Specialist

When we buy our 1st house or forever homes, we don’t like to think of the worst, or ever losing the roof over our head, after all “we are all invincible right? And it will never happen to us”, but it does happen and circumstances can arise that are out of our control.


I have worked in the Financial Services Industry for over 16 years, having experience in both Mortgage and Protection advice.


Since 2008 I decided to specialise in protection only, as I felt this area of the industry was too often over looked from an advice point of view, and was as equally as important if not more, as it can offer financial security and help in the times of need and when clients are at their most vulnerable.


When we buy our 1st house or forever homes, we don’t like to think of the worst, or ever losing the roof over our head, after all we are all invincible right? And it will never happen to us, but it does happen and circumstances can arise that are out of our control. I like to think that I help take away the Financial Stress and burden, so that people can focus their attention on their main priorities

Focusing on protection only gives me the time to research the market and keep up to date with products and services the providers offer, giving me reassurance the advice I am giving is accurate and relevant to each individual clients needs

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