Those that may have experienced some previous credit blips are always naturally more complex. For example, a missed payment on a loan or a credit card are viewed differently to a missed payment on a mortgage and different again for a Default on a credit agreement compared to a County Court Judgement.

Our job is to understand your circumstances, what happened before, why it happened and how it will be avoided in the future. We then use this information with your credit file and we utilise our contacts within the industry to try and find a suitable lender for you.


Mortgages with
Adverse Credit

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At Cambridgeshire Money we do not believe those that have experienced life events before meaning their credit score may not be the best should automatically be ruled out of being able to get a mortgage in the future.


Have you ever experienced any of the following;

  • County Court Judgement (CCJ)

  • Default

  • Missed Payments

  • Mortgage Arrears

  • Bankruptcy

  • IVA

  • Debt Management Plans

  • Taken a Payday Loan

If so, come and talk to us, we cannot promise that we can arrange everyone a mortgage right now, but you can be sure that we will not stop trying until we have exhausted all options. We do believe in the philosophy of “maybe not now, but definitely not never”

We can help you create a plan to get your credit report to where it needs to be so that there will be a successful outcome in the future. We can provide advice that is time related and what success could look like for you moving forward.