• Corey Whelan

Brokers upbeat in face of third lockdown

Our Director, Corey Whelan - Mortgage & Protection Specialist, has comments featured in the Financial Times for his view on the mortgage market throughout the third national lockdown.

The full article can be found here;


"Corey Whelan, director at Cambridgeshire Money, also did not anticipate criteria to be tightened much more going forward, but said he could imagine underwriters examining cases to confirm affordability.

Mr Whelan commented: “We are near on a year in this pandemic now and that could seriously impact the self-employed, so I will be interested in how lenders are going to approach that.

“But we can still see 90 per cent LTV products and lenders in the marketplace, and not the evacuation we saw last year."

“So to me it seems that lenders are prepared and used to working in a marketplace like this now, and that’s great to see.”

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