• Corey Whelan

Give Your Deposit A Boost!

Exciting News... Have you saved up a 5% deposit but struggling to get on the housing ladder?

Then your deposit could need a boost, this is like Help to Buy but for anybody and any property not just New Builds!

Get a deposit boost of between 10% & 25% to help you purchase a property. We are working with the only 3 lenders that will accept this and the firm that will give the boost.

Contact Us for the full details but some key criteria; - Boost of between 10% to 25% - Minimum boost is £20,000 so that would make the minimum property value of £80,000 (25% of £80,000 = £20,000) - Minimum Income of £30,000 if Sole Application or Minimum Income of £45,000 if a Joint Application - No CCJs/Defaults/Bankruptcies/IVAs in the Last 6 Years - Minimum Credit Score of 300 on Equifax

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